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HuggyB Designs on PC and Mac while site testing his work on multiple browsers and platforms to ensure the final product reaches as many people as possible. Creative, technical, clean, HuggyB can adapt to your needs and deliver on your budget. With a diploma in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Web Development, HuggyB has the abiliity to deliver well designed, up to date, functional webpages that meets todays ever evolving web standards. Click on the links above and judge for yourself. Contact me for quotes & estimates or if you have any questions or concerns.

Cactus Creek

A redesign of a webpage for an eco friendly travel gear manufacturer. This was a project I did during my tenure at the Marketing Sector. Webpage was created in HTML/CSS ad jQuery.

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Nine Elms Seaside Appartments

This was a project I did for an apartment complex that just wanted a simple CMS in which they could post pictures of the building and list availabilities of the suites. This was created in Wordpress using a modified theme. I continue to work with this client helping build and maintain other projects of his.

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Sake Maki Japanese Restaurant

Sake Maki Japanese Restaurant recently opened up in their second location on West Broadway. Needed a simple site on a budget that would work well on mobile and desktop. Wanted somthing that emphasized their locations, phone numbers and menu. Interactive Dine in and Take-Out Menu with downloadable PDF and google Map.

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Huggyb Photography

I wanted to have a seperate section for just my photography, creating a seperate identity yet maintaining similar design styles to stay in synce with the HuggyB brand. I chose to make it a lighter page to contrast this website but kept several elements similar, font families, font color, background texture etc..

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Url Brokering

This is another webpage I made during my tenure at The Marketing Sector. This is an entirely responsive design that will adjust to mobile, tablets, and desktop. Also included is an rss feed reader that posts articles about the industry.

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Prodigy Capital

Another project that I made during my days at The Marketing Sector. It is very similar to the URL Brokering webpage as I made the two pages on the same day. It is a completely responsive design that will re-adjust to mobile, tablets and desktop. This webpage also included the rss feed reader.

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Agile Print

Designed by me and Eoin O'Dyer as our final school project at BCIT. The Client was looking for something very simple, with as little content as possible while still having all essential information and having a little flare. We fulfilled their request creating this 4 page site contained in 1 html file that utilized a nice fade in effect for each section.

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Cedarbrooke Chateau

Independent Retirement Facility. First professional webpage I created. Plans to re-design in the near future in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Everything was done from scratch and most pictures were taken by me. Logo redesign as well as brochures, business cards, pamphlets and monthly webpage updates are still done by me.

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Portfolio Version 1

My first portfolio site I created for myself. This was a school project that was done after the first half the school program. Decided to change my name for my final portfolio site

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Oasis Retreat

Rejuvenation, Bed & Breakfast, Spa- Oasis Retreat is a very reputable mission based spa retreat located in Mission B.C. Originally hired to do their monthly update of the site, was later asked to redesign it. They wanted something more modern but not too modern for they had an older clientelle. They wanted something new but still kept the identity of their previous site.

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Little Musique

One of my earlier works designed all in actionscript for my cousin. The company haulted before the site was completed. Never recieved the content for the missing pages. She has started a new musique program called Simusique designed and created by her brother Nicholas Sim.

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jQuery Tutorials

Some tips and tricks to using jQuery and some of it's plug-ins. From parallax, to image sliders, check it out if you want to learn a couple neat jQuery tricks.

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HuggyB Mobile Site

Webpage created specifically for mobile web use. The site is very small and light and utilizes some jQuery to deliver everything efficiently. Only the pictures are a little heavy within the colorbox gallery but that is an optional feature for the users to decide if they want to use their bandwidth to view my galleries.

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SSD Redesign

BCIT Redesign Group Project. This was a school project we had to redesign the webpage for BCIT's System Software Developer (Designer Option). Rebecca Saenz was the main designer on the project and programmer and coder on the project included Andrew Ma, Armita, and myself.

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IMWB Energy Drink 1

Mock energy drink poster. I was to design 3 posters showing Power, Wealth, and Happiness. For This first poster I did power. Poster designed with a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.

IMWB Energy Drink 2

Second poster of three for a mock energy drink. This one was to show happiness or elation. Please note I do not actually condone the use of drugs, it is all a joke.

IMWB Energy Drink 3

Third poster of three for a mock energy drink. This one was to show wealth. Although there was nothing really wealthy about it, I liked the gold effect for the text I made.

Positively Outrageous Fundraiser

This was a poster I designed for a fundraising event at the Cedarbrooke Chateau- Independent Retirement. They wanted a poster that was outrageously positive so I chose to do a poster with lots of vibrant colors and made it over the top. There was live music featured in the night too so I added some horn players in the mix.

ViVa La Resistance!
Mock Site

This was a mock webpage for a band I use to be in. I was in the band at the time of making it but we disbanded before I was able to translate the mockup into a fully functional page.

Fake Coffee Shop Mockup

This is a mockup I made for an assignment for my photoshop class. This is for a ficticious coffee shop that does not exist.

Academi Proposal Mockup

Fake redesign mockup for an existing site Academi. Because it was a school project I decided to have a little fun with it making it as over the top patriotic as I could.